What Is a Certified Aged Care Facility?

Before you check the facility that will care for your elderly loved one, it is necessary to check if it is a certified aged care residence. It is a requirement for all aged care facilities that receive government subsidies to meet the standards of the industry. Accreditation standards cover several aspects, such as living environment, continuous improvement, cleaning, safety and security, staffing, management, and resident lifestyle.

certified aged care

In general, the following four standards are applied to all facilities that want to become certified aged care residences:

The Management Systems, Staffing, and Organisational Development

Typically, an aged care facility should implement a management system that can accommodate all the residents’ needs. As an example, the Arcare certified aged care facility has everything in place to ensure everyone living inside are well taken care of. They give you the right information for your elderly loved one’s needs. They even accept complaints and address issues as soon as possible. Most importantly, they have skilled and qualified team members, along with the necessary equipment, to provide the best services.

Health and Personal Care

Reputable residential homes ensure residents have nutritious and well-balanced diet, and get enough sleep. Also, they make sure residents receive clinical care and medications, and have access to specialists when necessary. Not only this, but their residents would get the right dental and oral care.

Lifestyle of the Person Receiving Care

This is generally about the seniors’ lifestyles. An aged care facility should be able to maintain their residents’ independence and respect their privacy, confidentiality, and dignity. In a way, the seniors should receive all the support and encouragement to pursue different lifestyles and leisure activities. They are even encouraged to give input on making their lives better living inside the facility.

The facility complying to the right resident lifestyle standard should be able to explain thoroughly the rights and responsibilities of their residents, making sure all is understood. read more

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