Don’t Let Your Private Castle Crumble! The Importance of Sub-Floor Ventilation

You put in a lot of thought into the look of your house from the inside out. After all, your house is the result of your labors in life and how it looks reflects the personality you have. Some people beautify their living room for guests to enjoy. Some make it a point to adorn the dining room with fancy china to highlight their love for bonding over hearty meals. But then you may find yourself in the basement of your home in Australia and just literally scratch your head, wondering why it’s the only part of your house where pests, fungi and mould build up. You’re not alone in this confusion, though. Many people just ignore the conditions of their basement since it’s hidden from public view.  But experts on reliable sub floor ventilation Sydney has now will warn that problems from the bottom can easily reach the top.

Here are some of the major advantages for installing Sub floor Ventilation:

Controls and Prevents Structural Damage

According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), the sub floor between the ground and the suspended floor must be properly ventilated. Specifically, the second volume of the BCA states that the clearance from the ground surface to the structure underneath shouldn’t be below 150 millimeters. If these sub floors don’t observe the correct lengths, there is a high possibility for dampness to occur thus causing structural damage to the house. Sub floor ventilation Sydney experts implement today makes sure the right lumber used in building your house stays strong and not rotted.

Keeps Floors Warm and Dry

Who likes walking around the house with the floor all cold and damp? That’s why we like to use house slippers, right? One great advantage with this kind of ventilation is keeping floors nice and warm, even through winter.

Thwarts Health Problems Involving Mould

Mould and mildew produce pollutants that not only bring a musty smell in your house, but also respiratory illnesses that cause allergic reactions and even asthma. With the existence of mould in your house, you eventually put your family in a higher risk for chronic lung illnesses that are related with upper respiratory tract infection indications such as coughing, and wheezing in asthmatic people. Having a sub floor ventilation system can help you fight these dangers.

Terminates Termites

And of course the most sworn enemy of the wooden floors – termites! These little critters want to gnaw on wood, but without ventilation they go even crazier since the wood becomes damp – just the way these pests like it. Experienced sub floor ventilation Sydney services have can take away the headache and extra cost for hiring pest control since they help in regulating the humidity of our basement.

House Heroes

This type of ventilation is worth investing money on since the endurance of your house is on the line. Of course, a house built strong means less repair costs and ultimately, if you ever need to move, the house will still have a big value when set up for sale or lease thus giving the guarantee that you will get buyers.