How to Get Ready for Split Systems Air Conditioning Installation in Brisbane

As what air conditioning installation Brisbane professionals know, Queenslanders put a high value in their comfort and they ensure this by choosing reliable home equipment, including air conditioning units.

The locals are known to choose split system air conditioning solutions as the best option. And they know that there are only two brands that they can rely on to keep them cool under the Queensland climate–Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric.

This no longer comes as a surprise for specialists of aircon installation Brisbane clients recommend. After all, the two brands come with benefits–30% more energy efficiency, silent operation, and advanced allergen filtration.

So if you’re still wondering which aircon to buy, choose from any of the aforementioned brands.

Then, book air con installation Brisbane residents recommend. Afterwards, prepare for installation.

Air conditioning installation Brisbane: the factors you must consider

Where the indoor and outdoor units go

Before installers arrive, think about the proper location for installation.

The indoor unit must be placed:

  • Where air can be distributed thoroughly
  • Where there are no distractions
  • Where it can be wall-mounted at least 8 to 10 feet from the floor
  • Where there’s easy access for cleaning and maintenance

If the unit will be installed in the bedroom, the best location would be above the bed for maximum cooling effect. Visit at Dawson Electric

If you want it placed above the window, the unit must be installed symmetrically to that window.

The outdoor unit must be placed:

  • In an open space to promote free-flowing air over the condenser and compressor.
  • Or, attached to an external wall with enough room to facilitate proper airflow.

Once you’ve decided on the location, book a service for air conditioner installation Brisbane providers offer.

Wall strength

For split air conditioning systems that need to be wall-mounted, the wall must be sturdy to hold the unit up. It should be strong, level and even.

There should be enough room between the air conditioning unit and the wall to allow air to flow freely. The minimum space requirement is 15 cm at the top and sides.

Distance between units

For a faster flow of the air conditioner’s coolant, the indoor and outdoor units must be placed as close as possible to each other. If they’re separated by more than 15 meters, cooling efficiency will be greatly affected.

So it all goes back to choosing the right location.

To summarise, the location of the indoor unit must be free of distractions, while the outdoor unit is best placed in an open area. The distance between the two should be as close as possible or no more than 15 meters.

When the units are wall-mounted, make sure the wall is sturdy and strong enough to hold the unit. Distance between the unit and wall should be at least 15 cm.

Contact trusted experts of air conditioning installation Brisbane

Call Dawson Electric air con installers to help you decide on the perfect location for the units. While it’s good if you can decide before the scheduled installation, their guidance could prove beneficial. It’s a more convenient option too.

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