Roof Windows for a Green Home: Frequently Asked Questions for Skylight Installation

Custom skylights installation has become a popular trend in the world of home renovations and beautifications nowadays. The reason being is rooted from the joy of multiple benefits provided by them. A beautiful look, large space, low electricity bills, beautiful night view, natural light and several others have been dubbed as the best advantages of these commercial skylights and velux windows. All these complement the beauty of the room to some extent. If, perhaps, your house in Australia has a room that is located on the top floor and which does not have the proper lighting system, installing custom skylights with the help of experienced roof windows Melbourne technicians will completely change the look and amp up the functionality and comfort of the room.

This article tackles the many frequently asked questions smart house fixture consumers typically ask experts before committing to adding skylights.

What type of skylights can I get installed on my roof?

Custom skylights come in a wide range of varieties. Although there are hundreds of varieties of skylights manufactured every year, not each of them is capable of fitting in some of the uniquely designed buildings. This is where the need of custom skylights comes in. These different types of skylights are suitable for different rooms and as per the structure of the room. These are manufactured after analyzing the structure, needs, and preferences of the building and the owner’s preferences.

Basically, there are three types of customized type of light. These are ventilated, fixed and tubular type of light.

1. The ventilated ones are those types of skylights that can be closed and opened with the climate changes in winters and summers respectively. This feature works excellently when these are installed in bathrooms and kitchens because of high humidity present in these particular areas of the house.

2. The second type of custom skylights that is fixed is those which cannot be opened. Thus, they are best to be used in the bedroom.

3. The third type is the tubular ones that can and would be preferred for small rooms where there is more need of artificial lights and natural light would not work much.

What are the different shape options for skylights available?

Once the right type of skylight or that which perfectly matches the requirement is found then it is necessary to finalize the shape. Custom skylights are available in different shapes – from a square, polygon, triangle, trapezoids, and also inclined and sloped.

Flat custom skylights are found most commonly in triangular and square form. The polygon skylights are more expensive and also found very rarely. These, in fact, rise above from the roof forming a shape of a pyramid. It gives a beautiful appearance to the room. So, at the time of installation make sure to choose one that is fulfilling all the requirements.

Can/Should I install my skylights by myself at home?

Always remember that the installation is the job of an expert. So, do not think about doing it at your own level as it is only the professionals who can ensure the proper fit of the glass.

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