Skylight Installation Process: This is How You Do It

A skylight can change the appearance of a room, adding a sense of spaciousness, brightness, and style. A small unit can make a huge difference in way space feels and looks. There are several styles and many brands to choose from. Energy efficiency, water tightness, and sound reductions are important considerations. Skylight installation Melbourne builders provide can help you brighten up a dreary and a dark room.


Steps to follow when installing a skylight

Measuring up and fitting a timber kerb

Melbourne skylights can differ in terms of quality and size. Taking correct measurements of an existing hole will enable you to choose a facility that fits perfectly. Alternatively, you can choose the type and the size of the skylight that pleases you before making a hole. You will also need to install a timber kerb inside the roof. Before starting the installation, make sure the kerb is straight. It is also important to apply a membrane correctly in order to form a watertight finish.


To ensure the entire fitting process runs smoothly, spend enough time preparing. Go through the installation guide carefully in order to know where to start and where to end. This will also enable you to know the materials and tools that may be required. Furthermore, you will understand the type of skylight covers that are appropriate for your needs.

Reliable skylight covers will dissipate and also absorb a large percentage of sun’s glare and heat before it gets into your house while providing visibility and light. Some of the reasons why you will need to install light covers are listed below.

•    Reduce carpet and furniture fading

•    Energy conservation

•    Efficient air conditioning


Installing some types of skylights can require more silicone than others. Skylight installation Melbourne professionals provide can be less messy and quicker if less silicone is used. It must be applied at different points in the course of the installation process to seal the unit. Apply it on the outer side of the kerb first before proceeding to the other parts. Reading the installation guide can help you know how to go about this stage.

Installing beans and glazing

Start by installing the beams and ridge. Roof lanterns with lesser bars are not only easy to install but also allow enough light to enter the room. Fix them tightly to the kerb with bolts and nuts. For better results, install glazing that is self-cleaning, toughened, and thermally efficient. A sealant must be applied before installing the glazing. Skylight installation Melbourne professionals provide can help you install them perfectly.

Weather proofing and internal cladding

Installing the weathering shield can be a complex process if the correct procedure is not followed. It should be done immediately after glazing and on a dry and clean glass. Use your hands to clip the end caps, ridge cap, and top caps into position. Finish the proofing by applying the sealant.

Complete the installation procedure by fixing the internal ridge claddings. Fitting them in the inner part of the skylight will not only ensure an elegant but also a clean finish. Since they are of different types, choose those that match the style and color of your property. Skylight repairs Melbourne experts provide can help you solve any problem that may arise in future.