Time Honored Choice: Why Choose Slate Roofing For Your Home?

When it comes to choosing materials for your roof, most homeowners would think of it as a functional rather than an aesthetic decision. While there are many options in the market, there is one that rules them all: slate roof. A slate roof is a time-honored choice by experts on slate roofing Sydney has today. It features unparalleled architectural beauty and is suited even for modern homes (since it has had a reputation for use on old architectural styles). It has been used for several centuries in the construction and architectural industry, which speaks a lot to its longevity. The market today only offers more option than what was once available.

Aside from the undeniable character that Sydney slate roofing has to offer for your home, here are some reasons to consider installing one: 

Long Lasting Material

Roofing repairs can be costly. From a simple repair job to a roof replacement, the cost of such projects can be quite expensive. Therefore, choosing slate roofing in Sydney is a smart decision since you no longer have to worry about constantly repairing and replacing it. When you invest in slate roofing Sydney has, you can expect the material to last for a long time. Depending on your location, experts predict that it can last for up to 100 years! Most of the issues that slate roofs have often arise from improper installation and not the material itself.

Low Water Absorption

Water resistance is one of the most important things to look into when choosing a roof material. With slate roofing, it has a water absorption rate of 0.4%. This makes your roof virtually waterproof!

No Freezing

Aside from water absorption, the susceptibility to the elements is another factor that can cause roofs to degrade quickly. With slate roofs, you won’t have to worry about it freezing and getting damaged as a result of that. When roofing materials freeze, they become brittle and easily break. The fact that slate does not absorb water also makes it less prone to freeze.

Less Maintenance

While regular maintenance is recommended for most roofs, slate roofs do not require heavy maintenance. An annual inspection or maintenance should suffice to ensure that your roof is in good condition. While it is not as susceptible to damage as other types of roofs, it is still recommended that you hire roofing experts to take a look at your roof at least once a year.

Natural and Classic Style

Another reason to consider slate roofing Sydney can offer today is its natural and classic style. It first emerged in the industry during mid- to late 19th century. To this day, they continue to be popular in home construction because the style works well with various home architectural styles. This cannot be said of other types of roofing systems.

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